Our legal empowerment work  has a great impact on the lives of people in the countries where operations are started. We are now present in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Kenya, Rwanda, Egypt, Jordan and the Former Yugoslavia.



The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs funds:


Friends of Microjustice

  • Provides MJ4All with seed and development funds



Cordaid funds:

  • "Legal empowerment of women, children, entrepreneurs and laborers (labourers) in Kenya"
  • "Investing in entrepreneurs through legal empowerment in Bolivia and Peru"
  • Projects with Bolivia, Kenya and Peru


The Humanitarian Innovation Fund funds:

  • "Post-emergency legal rehabilitation in Kenya and Peru"


The United Nations Democracy Fund funds:

  • "Strengthening democratic participation of indigenous and peasant communities in Bolivia and Peru"


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees funds:


The European Union funds:


Allen and Overy funds:


Entrepreneurial Development Bank funds:


Oxfam Novib funds:


Trade Mark East Africa funds:

  • a program run in Uganda and in Rwanda


Achmea Foundation funds:

  • the development of the Microjustice Model in Bolivia


Futur21 funds:


SPARK funds:


La Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID) funds:


Stichting Dijkverzwaring funds:


Fie Gran Poder funds:


Clifford Chance funds:

  • programs in Kenya and Uganda


World Justice Project funds:


Dioraphte funds:


Benina Foundation funds:

  • projects run in Kenya and Uganda

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