Who we are


Microjustice is a Dutch Foundation that works for the Legal Empowerment and Inclusion of marginalized people and victims of humanitarian disaster. We do so by enabling them to exercise their fundamental legal rights and facilitate their access to legal aid through our Legal Rights’ Protection Program.

What we do


Microjustice aims to meet people’s basic legal needs by providing accessible and affordable standardized legal services through a Digital legal Aid Platform. In addition, for advocacy purposes the Legal Rigths Protection Barometer analyses the legal framework of a country with the aim to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the procedures fulfilling basic needs of people.

Our mission


Our Mission is Universal Access to Legal Rights Protection to allow people to feel secure and supported in realizing their potential and fully develop themselves in society. Microjustice believes that legal inclusion of all individuals and groups in society is a prerequisite for peace, democracy, and further development. Therefore, Microjustice focuses on civil and administrative law to enhence people’s basic legal needs in their day-to-day life.

Legal Rights Protection Program Egypt

Legal Rights Protection Barometer

Since 2018 Microjustice has developed the Legal Rights Protection Barometer in Civil Justice and related research method with as aim to Map the Justice Gap from the perspective of people, showing:

a. the ability of ‘people’ to access and protect their rights (education level, access to internet, income-financial capacity)

b. the effectiveness of the way the ‘State’ has organized the procedures to obtain legal rights’ protection and of the enforcement mechanisms, and

c. the accessibility, affordability, and quality of ‘legal assistance’

Digital Legal Aid Platform

``Bridge between people and a legal professional``.

The Digital Legal Aid Platform is a platform, providing legal information to the people in their legal needs and connects them to affordable quality legal aid. The Platform works with the existing infrastructure of advocates, adapted to the organisational requirements of the legal profession in a country.


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Both the Legal Rights Protection Barometer and the Digital Legal Aid Platform contribute to achieving
Sustainable Development Goal 16 as set by the United Nations:
‘promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.
by providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable, and inclusive institution at all levels.’