We are excited to announce the launch of the “Empower Her Egypt” project, a collaborative initiative between the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Cairo and Stichting Microjustice4All. This project is a significant step towards enhancing the rights and working conditions of women in rural areas of Egypt, where they often face discrimination, marginalization, and hazardous working environments.

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Empower Her Egypt

Project Overview

The “Empower Her Egypt” project aims to address the pressing issues faced by women in rural Egypt through comprehensive research, awareness campaigns, educational workshops, and the development of a toolkit for labor and environmental rights. The project will run from June until December 2024, and will be conducted in various critical rural areas identified through meticulous research and data collection.

Identify and Map Critical Rural Areas by:

Conducting extensive research and surveys involving local and state-level environmental and agricultural agencies, as well as NGOs, to pinpoint rural areas with high levels of gender discrimination and hazardous working conditions for women;

Utilizing GIS and mapping tools to visualize and analyze the data, identifying priority areas for immediate intervention.

Raise Awareness on Key Issues by:

Developing educational and promotional materials to highlight the health and safety risks faced by women in rural workplaces and their environmental impacts;

Implementing social media campaigns;

Organizing workshops in five targeted governorates to educate local women about their rights to safe working conditions and healthcare, and to inform local men about the importance of improving working conditions for women and promoting environmental sustainability.

Develop a Women’s Toolkit for Labor and Environmental Rights by:

Creating a comprehensive toolkit focusing on gender rights related to labor and environmental issues for women in targeted rural areas. This toolkit will include packages of products and guidelines tailored to specific legal needs, addressing their vulnerability and providing legal analysis and recommendations;

Integrating the toolkit within the Legal Aid Platform (LAP) to enable affordable access to labor and environmental legal services.


The “Empower Her Egypt” project represents a significant stride towards empowering women in rural Egypt by addressing systemic issues and promoting sustainable development. Through collaborative efforts, research, education, and legal empowerment, this project aims to create a safer and more equitable working environment for women in these communities.

We look forward to the successful implementation of this project and the positive impact it will have on the lives of many women in rural Egypt.