You can find articles written about Microjustice and its people by browsing the press articles below:

Dutch Press

  1. ‘Koninklijke Onderscheiding Patricia van Nispen tot Sevenaer’;The Dutch Nobility Magazine  of April 2018
  2. “Haagse exporteur van gerechtigheid ‘ – Alleen in Nederland is alles goed geregeld”, Den Haag Centraal 19 April 2013. Regional Weekly newspaper, The Hague.
  3. Elsevier, ‘Niet Aaibaar, wel nodig”, 16 march 2013. Elsevier is the largest weekly magazine in The Netherlands, mainstream and independent(in Dutch)
  4. “Buiten de boot: Microjustice”, UVSV, Student Club of University of Utrecht, April 2011.
  5. “Microjustice, laat mensen tot recht komen”, Cadeau Winter 2009/2010, Vrouw van de Wereld
  6. ‘Rechtshulp voor iedereen’, Ode Nederland, April 2009
  7. ‘Recht voor de verstotenen der aarde’, Mr. Magazine, January 2009
  8. Advocatenblad, 16th of October 2009, Magazine of the Dutch Bar Association
  9. Vice Versa, article ‘Zaken doen met de allerarmsten’, April 2009, Dutch Developtment Magazine.
  10. Internationale Samenwerking, article ‘Goede doelen voorlopig uit de wind’, April 2009
  11. MeesPierson Magazine, article ‘Gewoon ergens beginnen’, Autumn 2003

English Press

  1. ‘5 Billion people around the World lack basic access to Justice. These Organizations are out to change that.’, Alessandra Bergamin, Ensia Online, January 2020
  2. “Microjustice”, Rivista, The Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies, magazine of the Bologna Center, Summer/Fall 2010.
  3. ‘Big world, small solution. Microjustice: low-cost legal services for the developing world’, The American Lawyer, August 2009
  4. ‘And Microjustice for all’, Ode USA, article, April 2009
  5. “50 Visionaries who are changing your world”, UTNE Reader November-December 2009, pag. 50
  6. Microjustice Bolivia are one of eight new UNDEF projects featured on the Holiday Issue of UNDEF newsletter, was published in December 2014 under the title “Strengthening indigenous and peasant communities in Bolivia”

Spanish Press

  1. Article in the magazine ‘Twenty-three’ describes the work of the team Microjustice Argentina. June 2013
  2. Microjusticia Argentina interview – Banda3.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajBr_-l2l8s
  3. Articles (in spanish) on the forum on home ownership rights organized by Microjusticia Bolivia in September 2013.
  4. Interview in a private channel of Bolivia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP-U3KJpnJk