Who we are

Microjustice is a Dutch Foundation that works for the Legal Empowerment and Inclusion of marginalized people and victims of humanitarian disaster. We do so by enabling them to exercise their fundamental legal rights and facilitate their access to legal aid through our Legal Protection Program.

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What we do

Microjustice aims to meet people’s basic legal needs by providing accessible and affordable standardized legal services. The purpose of Microjustice is to develop a sustainable system of standardized legal assistance to enable these people to enjoy the same rights as the rest of the population.

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Our mission

It is our mission to enable people to be acquainted with and effectively exercise their rights and to connect marginalized people to local legal professionals with just one tap on their mobile phone. Microjustice believes that legal inclusion of all individuals and groups in society is a prerequisite for peace, democracy, and further development.

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0 Years of successes


Both the Legal Protection Barometar and the Legal Protection Platform contribute to achieving
Sustainable Development Goal 16 as set by the United Nations:
'promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.
by providing acces to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive instituion at all levels.'

Alignment al our ambition with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Bolivia and Kenya – providing all needed legal knowhow to people and connect them to affordable legal aid
Hyperlink www.microjusticiabolivia.org
Hyperlink www.microjusticekenya.org

In Serbia people can get needed information on the basic rights, all the legal information per specific legal issue, procedure requirements, documents, cost matter and timeframe