Bottom-up Legal Capacity Building with a focus on Evidence-Based Lobbying

Microjustice4All country organizations do not only provide standardized legal services to people who lack access to rights, but also work with government institutions to propose modifications in legal and administrative practices to make them more accessible. MJ4All takes a co-operative approach to lobbying, assisting the government with improving the legal system on a technical level. Our lobbying is evidence-based and situation-driven; we collect information about the legal obstacles which people face in the Complaints Registration System and this forms the foundation of our lobbying activities.

Lobbying usually takes the form of technical legal reports, which explain the obstacles and provide recommendations for improving the institutional practices. These reports are shared with the relevant government institutions. Exceptionally, we exert pressure on governmental institutions to promote structural change, if this is considered the most efficient option.


The Complaints Registration System 

Microjustice4All has developed a Complaint Registration System (CRS) in which complaints about the legal and administrative system and obstacles to accessing the system can be recorded. The information in the CRS provides the foundation for lobbying activities.

Legal Capacity Building and Lobbying During and After Humanitarian Crises

During and after humanitarian crises, MJ4All may provide advice on developing provisional administrative and legal measures to deal with the crisis situation, prevent conflict and rehabilitate the victims.

The Transparency and Accountability Tool 

The complaint procedure is essential in the aftermath of a humanitarian disaster. Following a humanitarian disaster, there is a lot of material aid available and at the same time, there is often chaos due to the malfunctioning of the ordinary administrative and legal procedures. Therefore, it is important to have a mechanism in place so there is someone that people can complain to; the complaints need to be followed-up with evidence-based lobbying activities.