Legal services with a View to Social, Economic and Political Inclusion in Society

MJ4All focuses on non-litigious private and administrative legal matters. MJ4All offers practical, legal solutions which often takes the form of a legal document, such as correction of birth certificates, death certificates, contracts, ID, business registration, registration of social organizations, property transfer and land registration. In this way, people can protect themselves, their business and their belongings. In addition, it enables people and groups to access the benefits and entitlements in the system of their country (including access to education, healthcare, pension schemes and enfranchisement). These issues are even more important in the aftermath of a humanitarian crisis, because all the victims need access to aid schemes and protection of their person and their belongings. MJ4All’s work is comparable to the work of solicitors in the English legal system, except that the MJ4All Methodology focuses on the basic rights of those at the bottom of the pyramid and victims of humanitarian crises.