Microjustice in Kenya

Microjustice has worked in Kenya since 2011 with local Microjustice partners Microjustice Kenya and Haki Mashinani.  The work has focused on the slum population in Nairobi and on the workers in flower farms in Naivasha. The legal services and legal education/awareness raising relate to:

  • Providing civil documentation (i.e. birth certificates, death certificates and affidavits) to its beneficiaries.
  • Inheritance and succession (family law), property and land rights,
  • The registration of businesses and social groups.

In order to reach the target population, partnerships have been established with organizations and institutions from the legal sector, community-based organizations, the flower sector, SME support initiatives and others. Furthermore, Microjustice has started a Legal Inclusion Mapping in Kenya, the results of which will be published towards the end of 2018.