Microjusticia Bolivia (MJB)

Microjusticia Bolivia was established in 2007. The foundation currently has programs in La Paz, El Alto, Oruro, and Cochabamba.

During its first years, Microjusticia Bolivia focused on helping people obtain valid birth certificates and identity documents so that they could access the new state pension and other social benefits. Based on the experience with civil documentation, MJB published lobbying reports and participated in meetings aimed at simplifying the procedures.

In 2011, these efforts contributed to a change in the laws and the creation of a new government institution responsible for civil documentation (Servicio de Registro Civico, SERECI). Since then, the procedures for getting correct civil documentation are much more accessible.

Currently, MJB focuses mainly on registration of property rights related to housing.

  • Around 600.000 urban homeowners have incomplete legal property documentation or no documentation at all; and
  • about 80% of the existing titles contain errors - and are thus invalid.

This puts homeowners in a vulnerable position, as they are at constant risk of losing their property. Microjusticia Bolivia collaborates with the government agency (PROREVI) responsible for the implementation of a new law that simplifies procedures for registering ownership of a house during three years, and provides advice and assistance to a fast increasing number of people who want to regularize their papers once and for all.

 Microjusticia Bolivia began its Legal Inclusion Mapping Method in March 2018, and the results can be found here.

For more information: www.microjusticiabolivia.org