Microjusticia Peru (MJP)

Since its creation in 2008, Microjusticia Peru (MJP) has worked to help vulnerable populations access their basic rights, as these form a pre-requisite for them to move out of their poverty cycle and become socially and economically empowered.

MJP started its work in the region of Puno, where the main focus has been on helping farming communities, water communities and rural associations obtain and renew their legal personality, which is essential for the protection of communal water and land tenure rights against mining companies and other public or private agencies.

In 2010, MJP opened a program in Lima Norte to help migrants from rural areas correct or obtain their civil documentation, register their house ownership papers, and establish/ formalize their small business. In 2015 MJP opened a program in the department of Ica to help victims of the 2007 earthquake with their basic legal documents, mainly with titling processes to rebuild their houses. MJP also opened a program in the Loreto department, located in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, where it helps flood victims and vulnerable population, mostly women and children, to (re) obtain their basic legal documents, to receive humanitarian aid, and have access to healthcare and education.

Until December 2015, MJP provided personal legal assistance to more than 44,525 persons and solved 5,108 cases. Based on its experience in case resolution, MJP executes lobbying activities to have laws or procedures simplified and make it easier for vulnerable populations to access their basic rights.

Visit the website: www.microjusticiaperu.org