Our Mission

Since 1996, Microjustice’s mission is to promote universal access to legal protection and affordable legal aid in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 16 ‘Leaving no- one behind’. We aim to provide every marginalised person with legal protection in all their day-to-day (legal) issues.

We do so by enabling them to exercise their fundamental legal rights and facilitate their access to legal aid through our Legal Protection Program. Thus we aim to legally protect excluded groups that we have identified through 25 years of field work globally, such as: refugees, women, indigenous, migrants and poor people in general.

In various countries in three continents Microjustice has already successfully helped and connected the underprivileged with local legal professionals. Our work has resulted in two core tools: the Legal Protection Barometer and the Digital Legal Protection Platform.

General purpose of Microjustice is to provide Legal protection for all, in the field of administrative and private law.  What arises from general purpose are 2 specific objectives:

1. People are informed about their rights and obligations & can enforce them (SDG 16.2) - Legal Protection Platform

  • Strengthened knowledge of their rights & obligations, standards, opportunities of the system and legal processes
  • Quality legal services
  • Affordable legal services
  • Legal distribution system developed (Digitalization, networking)

2. State is well prepared to support people to be legally protected (SDG 16.3) – Legal Protection Barometer

  • Free legal profession. Affordable legal services & competition allowed and promoted by the Advocates' regulations
  • Recommendation for affordable system to Universal Access to legal aid (free or affordable quality legal services). Identification of unaddressed legal needs and LP Program identification
  • Recommendations for improved accessibility of the legal & institutional framework
  • indicators and specific objectives developed for SDG 16, especially for in the field of civil justice: access, transparent & effective institutions & inclusive societies

The impact of Microjustice Legal Protection Program:

  1. Exist in society, and have access to the services and benefits e.g.: education, health care, banking,
  2. Promote entrepreneurial activities
  3. Promote political, cultural and all other types of engagement in local communities, accessing the competences, subsidies and programs provided by the law and policies
  4. Protection as person, including one’s belongings
  5. Prevent conflict between people
  6. Provide confidence in society and one-another
  7. Discourage breaching of the law
  8. Reducing court cases