Participate in the Mappings

Sustainable Development Goal 16 can only be accomplished if there is national, regional and international cooperation to support legal inclusion. This is why this implementation tool actively promotes the creation of a global network between the stakeholders involved in SDG 16.

There is an urgent need for national and international policy support for legal empowerment to achieve legal inclusion. Strong policy support would facilitate a broader use of the Mapping tool, which would allow for more stakeholders to unite to start a Mapping in a new country or join existing teams, for partners to take on the Comprehensive Legal Empowerment Plan in a particular country, and for partners to develop the Mapping method alongside fellow stakeholders.

Stakeholders from the following sectors are invited to use the Legal Inclusion Mapping Method as a tool to reach legal inclusion, and become a part of a Global Network for SDG 16:

  • Policy makers and funding organizations
  • Research institutes; universities; statistical agencies
  • Humanitarian and development agencies
  • Lawyers, legal and/or human rights organizations
  • Experts in public communication/lobbying/advocacy
  • Experts in ICT and innovation
  • Environmental protection experts and institutions

The more experts involved, the faster the Mappings and Comprehensive Legal Empowerment Plans can be implemented globally, which allows SDG 16 to be met in record time!

We invite you to contact us at so we can discuss the ways in which you could participate in the Mappings!